• Disaster Preparedness/Response and Reflection

WEEK 14: Disaster Preparedness/Response and Reflection
Please view the two videos pertaining to the earthquake in Haiti (they are very good and moving). In addition, review the short powerpoint of my trip with a medical team to Jeremie, Haiti in March last year. Reflect on the quote on the next to final slide.
Write a reflection on this “disaster” then and now.
How do we as nurses continue to be an integral part of the rebuilding.
How do we deliver culturally competent care?
I am looking for a thoughtful response, your viewpoint only. There is no need for references or APA. Please be very thorough and begin with the quote mentioned above. PLEASE HAVE PARAGRAPH BREAKS for ease of reading. Reply to at least 5classmates. Posts are due by November 19, 2015and responses by November 22, 2015

• Haiti, Earthquake 2010
Inside this folder you will find:
VIDEO Haiti: Surviving the Earthquake: PART I by Brent and Craig Renaud (January 2011)
VIDEO Haiti: Surviving the Earthquake: Children PART II by Brent and Craig Renaud (January 2011)
POWERPOINT Helping Haiti 2013

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