*Company Amazon, ** Propose topic attached in additional materials
Through Discussion Board Forums and Journal Assignments, you have explored some of the emerging Disruptive Media Technologies and Cultural Trends (DMTCs) that can generate and affect businesses, nonprofits, churches, families, and other personally connected social units.
In this Research Paper, you have the opportunity to expand the scale of your research using a specific DMTC of your choice along with its historical antecedents, the unique conditions by which a mediated technology/idea achieves validity, the dynamics of change, and the means by which a given organization can strategically harness the phenomenon into a successful web strategy for growth.
Your paper must consist of the following:
● A detailed description of the chosen disruptive media technology and/or trending cultural idea, and its’ primary elements. Is this a regional, national, or global DMTC?
● Historical antecedents of similar DMTC phenomena; why a given technology or idea gave birth to a movement, whether organizations dismissed or embraced this force, and the natural outcomes of that decision.
● Conditions (societal, business, and cultural) that allow this DMTC phenomenon to gain “legs,” that is to say, the kind of compelling force that must be addressed. If the DMTC is of regional or national status, what would it take for this DMTC to reach global status?
● A description of your chosen organization in terms of establishment, purpose, and in your opinion, potential opportunities and challenges.
● Your strategic plan to effectively embrace selected components which will successfully transform your organization. Include a visual “landing page” website mockup that demonstrates your organization’s commitment to change. As this DMTC continues to morph, how will your organization recognize and meet whatever challenges and/or opportunities emerge?
Your Research Paper must be at least ten pages and include at least 10 net references with full URLs and at least three scriptural references in current APA format. Evaluation will center on the degree to which the research/application demonstrates a full understanding of the topic, an effectual Christian worldview, and a plan for successful application within the selected organization.

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