The paper should not simply be a summary of one article followed by another; instead, your goal should be to examine themes in the person’s work, integrating across the research articles you are reviewing. Although any contemporary researcher is appropriate, you will have the greatest success exploring the work of one of researchers listed in Appendix A.
The paper should include at least 10 references, at least 7 of which should be written by the researcher that you are reviewing, with a publication year no earlier than 2004. You may use a textbook as one of the references. You may also use one website as one of your sources, but it may not be counted as one of the seven by the researcher you are focusing on.

Appendix A: Suggested Researchers for the Term Paper
Bandura, Albert
Gangestad, Steven
Gosling, Samuel
Haselton, Martie G.
Heatherton, Todd
Higgins, E. Tory
Jackson, Joshua J.
John, Oliver
Kagan, Jerome
Kenrick, Douglas T.
Kihlstrom, John
King, Laura A.
Klinger, Eric
Larsen, Randy

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