A) suppose you are dealing with discrete data. if p(x=0)=0.11, and

a) Suppose you are dealing with discrete data.  If P(X=0)=0.11, and P(X=1)=0.1, and P(X=2)=0.19 then P(X>2)=?

b) The probability of a getting a new sales contract with any given client is .44.  A sales representative works with 8 clients this week.  What is the expected number of contracts this week?

c) Consider the 1981 Super Bowl commercial from Schlitz involving a live taste test.  Suppose that a taste tester preferring Schlitz is considered a success which occurs with probability .5.  In a sample of 200 what is the probability that 100 or more will choose Schlitz as the best beer?

d) A telemarketer will make 25 calls in one hour.  The probability of making a sale on any given call is .09.  What is the probability that he will make at least one sale during the hour? (Answer to the third decimal place.)

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