ACC210 Management Accounting Coursework Help Online

ACC210 Major Assignment

Session 2015 30

Due date: Sunday May 3rd, 2015 (midnight)


This Assignment is worth 30% of the overall assessment in this subject. The Assignment is marked out of 100.


This assignment directly addresses some of the key learning outcomes for ACC210 including that on successful completion of the subject students will:

  • be able to demonstrate technical, computational, and analytical skills associated with the design and operation of product costing and accounting control systems;
  • be able to discuss issues associated with contemporary performance measurement;
  • be able to use computer spreadsheets as an aid to product costing, budgeting and performance evaluation; and
  • be able to communicate effectively in designing reports for management;.

The requirements of this assignment cover up to and including Module 7 of the Online Learning materials. The assignment is designed to develop your problem solving, spreadsheet (Excel) design, and written communication skills. The questions require you to apply the knowledge and tools covered in the subject topics in order to demonstrate your understanding of the subject content and also to illustrate your capacity for strategic thinking. The assignment will also test your ability to communicate and explain the impacts of your findings whether through quantitative or written reports. The ability to communicate effectively has been identified by the accounting professional bodies as being critical to your future role as an accountant.


The development and demonstration of a level of technical proficiency in using spreadsheets to prepare management accounting reports is a key requirement and expectation of this subject and, more particularly, of this assessment. In prior offerings of this subject some students have resisted or not fully engaged with this requirement to effectively use Excel or some compatible spreadsheet application and have received significantly reduced marks.

Several short video tutorials on Excel will be provided through the subject interact site. These include a tutorial specific to this subject and several that were prepared for introductory accounting subjects. Indicative examples of the types of formulae needed and model formats will also be provided, however you are required to develop your own spreadsheets. If you need further help with developing your Excel skills you should contact your lecturer or subject coordinator who will be able to direct you to other resources to assist your learning.

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following marking criteria:

  • ability to identify accounting problem(s) or issue(s) and apply the appropriate accounting technique;
  • ability to use Excel to solve management accounting problems. This includes the ability to use appropriate Excel (or similar) analysis tools and functions, construct appropriate spreadsheet formulae and to effectively and appropriately print and present your material and results;
  • level of technical proficiency in using spreadsheets to prepare management accounting reports;
  • ability to correctly interpret the results of your analyses and to clearly convey your understanding of the results to the end user;
  • demonstrated ability to apply your knowledge of management accounting business situations in a strategic manner;
  • demonstrated understanding of the theoretical issues underpinning management accounting; and
  • ability to present your answers effectively, appropriately, and neatly, using computers.

You must submit workings showing how you have obtained your answers, including whether you have applied appropriate techniques to analyse and solve problems. Indicative examples of the types of Excel formulae needed and model formats will also be provided, however you are required to develop your own spreadsheets.


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