According to your experience, What are the benefits of using Personal Information Manager ( PIM) ? what is the additional function you wish PIM have?

Personal Information manager such as Microsoft Outlook and Evernote are powerful tools, which have brought a lot of convenience to our work and life. It helps to track day-to-day activities and schedules. According to the resource, it provides accountability for you to have a track of record. There are many benefits of using Personal Information Management software. So what do you think the benefits are?

However, not all the Personal Information Manager software is perfect. What are the additional functions you wish to have? For example,

  • I hope Microsoft Outlook can have a function for me set the time that I wish to send the emails rather than send them right away, or I will have to remember to send them at a specific time.
  • I wish I can send the larger size of files through email. Sometimes, the email will reject sending large files and videos.

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