1. Adi and Zak, who were animal rights activists, agreed to remove fur coats from a warehouse.
Zak asked Trisha to drive them to the warehouse and to act as a look-out. Trisha agreed because she liked Zak but secretly had no intention of helping. Trisha drove them to the warehouse and drove off immediately after they got out of her car.
Adi did not want to go inside and risk getting caught and so he looked around for passers-by. He spotted Marg and threatened to beat Marg if she did not go into the warehouse and grab the coats. Terrified and not knowing what was going on, Marg reluctantly entered the warehouse with Zak and they both grabbed some coats. They were leaving when Prem, a security guard, tried to stop Zak. Zak pushed Prem to the floor causing him to be disorientated for a few minutes.
Advise the parties on their criminal liability, if any.

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