Among the seven motivation type donors, which one are you most likely to be? why? Have you or your family ever made individual donations based on these motives?

Based on the research by Russ Prince and Karen File, Worth describes the donors of these seven motivations in the book (2016, 339). Although Russ and Karen gave the percentages of these different types to the total, the percentages of most types are actually very similar.

Therefore, do you think that one of these seven motives can be your main motivation for making personal donations? If not, have your parents made individual donations based on these motives?

The seven types are as follows:

  • Communitarians: To make community life better.
  • Devout: Based on the background of their own beliefs.
  • Investors: To gain benefits such as tax exemption.
  • Socialites: To make social interaction.
  • Altruists: To make unconditional help.
  • Repayers: To be grateful for the help they received.
  • Dynasts: Based on family traditions.

For example, I once donated to people who lost their homes due to the hurricane in an event organized by a non-profit organization. The purpose of this activity is to provide public services to the city where I live. As s result, I think my motivation is to make the community better.

 Source:  Worth, M. J. (2016). Nonprofit management principles and practice. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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