CNN Cold War Video Review for this assignment I need a video review of two episodes of CNN’s special on the Cold war that first aired in 1998, it can be found on YouTube. Specifically,
In terms of the content of the review, there are three aspects you are to discuss:
First provide summaries of each episode. What are the topics being covered in each episode? Who were some of the main political and historical personalities being featured? And what role did the United States have in these episodes? Was US involvement due to political, economic, or cultural reasons?
Second, analyze each episode in terms of your perspectives and observations. In other words, what do you think were the most important lessons from these episodes? What were the strengths and weaknesses of each episode? Which episode did you prefer of the two that you watched?
Third, how did these episodes contribute to your understanding of United States foreign policy? How relevant are these episodes in helping you to comprehend the role of the United States today in the world stage? Do you think any of these episodes could provide lessons for you in helping you to understand foreign affairs for the rest of this decade? You are absolutely welcome to include your own personal experiences, particularly if you are an international student.

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