Select an organized crime group in the United States from the readings or additional resources. You are not limited to the groups discussed in Ch. 2 of Organized Crime (11th ed.). Complete a historical analysis of the chosen organized crime group by completing the following essay and timeline.
Section 1: Crime Group Essay
Write a 350- to 525-word essay below in which you discuss the various business interests over time of your chosen organized crime group. Determine and explain the group’s structure and operating methods. Explain your answer.
Essay response:
Section 2: Historical Timeline
Use the timeline template below to create a timeline of the origins, key events, people, and activities of your chosen crime group, including a brief history of this group’s evolution in the United States.
Analyze the relationship of your group to its past and to its current role in Prohibition, drug syndicates, political corruption, and other illicit activities.

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