Analysis of the movie practical magic as it pertains to the given articles.
Analyze the story with one of three Reader Response Theories , or with Cultural theory as explained in the Tullmann, Timm, Matthes, Calef, or Norwood PDFs; or with the Paradox of Fiction theory, as explained in the Kind PDF; or with any combination of theories from this group of theories. Type an MLA format, 3 – 4 page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font essay. Make sure the three pages are three full pages plus a Works Cited page.
Use four as-academic-as-possible sources , plus your story, and list them on a Works Cited page. So, this means you’ll have a Works Cited page with at least five sources listed. Refer to the Purdue OWL MLA web site for formatting questions.

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