Respond to the following short answer questions from Morgan, Leech, Gloeckner, & Barrett textbook:
D5.1 Interpreting Chi‐Square. In Output 8.1 is the (Pearson) chi‐square statistically significant? Explain your answer and what it means. Are the expected values in at least 80% of the cells greater than or equal to 5? Explain how you know and why it is important.
D5.2 Measure Strength of the Relationship. Because ‘father’s education revised’ and ‘mother’s education revised’ are at least ordinal data, which of the statistics used in Problem 8.3 is the most appropriate to measure the strength of the relationship; phi, Cramer’s V, or Kendall’s tau‐b? Explain your choice. Why are the Kendall’s tau‐b and Cramer’s V different?

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