Vaccines 101: Too Much Too Soon? by Dr. Alison Shuman on The Scientific
Then, please post a response to the following questions:
The author explains several common concerns about vaccinations and gives some scientific explanations about how vaccines work in response to those concerns. Please briefly summarize the author’s answer to the common question, “There are so many more vaccines than when I was a kid, and now they combined some of them into one shot…doesn’t that increase the risk of bad reactions? Can’t that overwhelm my baby’s system? Isn’t this too much too soon?”. At the minimum, you should explain what antigens and antibodies are and what they do.
Are there other concerns you think people might have about vaccines that are not addressed by this article? If so, what is the concern?
In conclusion, please do some brief research either on the internet or through your library’s resources to find evidence that supports or refutes either the concern you brought up in point #2 or any of the other concerns discussed in the blog/article. This need not be extensive but should include a couple sentences mentioning what you found with either a link to the web page or an attachment of the article you found.

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