Marketing Scenarios:
1. Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company wants to launch a new deodorant product. The company’s development and research department has created a new chemical that will allow deodorants to work for up to 5 days—even after showering. Arimount has been in the hygiene market for 20 years with an average return on investment. They would like to top the market share with this innovative product. Choose one of the three products listed in the course project assignment (Marketing Scenarios). Create a name for the product you choose, and create the following components of a marketing plan for the next year.
The marketing plan should include:
1. Situational Analysis
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Financials
4. Controls
The situational analysis must include (but is not limited to) a SWOT analysis and information about the top three competitors. Competitor information should be based on research of real companies who could compete with this product. Support your data with sources no more than five years old. You will be creating the financial information for your company yourself.

•Take a position regarding whether the current initiatives of the FCC actually encourage competition in all communication markets and protect the public. Provide specific examples to support your response.
•Imagine a single organization with a complete monopoly on all post-secondary education and discuss the likely economic impact.
•Explain the economic consequences that would unfold if one of the major four sports leagues in the United States reorganized into a single-entity league. Discuss the consequences for players and fans.
•Discuss the likely economic impact to owners, players, and fans if sports leagues were not allowed to function as a cartel.
•Identify the recipient, the topic, and the purpose of your report.
•Suggest potential resources and a method for gathering information that may provide support for at least one classmate’s report.
•Describe an experience you have had with collaborative writing, whether this experience was positive or negative. Explain why you think the experience turned out this way, and what you would do the next time.
•If you have never had an experience with collaborative writing, explain whether or not you think you would enjoy this type of collaboration. If you had to produce a project this way, determine what you would do to ensure success.

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