A WebQuest is an online, self-directed, discovery-learning activity that can be developed by anyone in order to guide other individuals or groups through a complex process.                                                                                                                         The key point to understand about this project is not that you will take a WebQuest that someone else has already prepared, but that you will create one yourself—from which others could learn about a specific task that you choose. Hence, instead of a presentation

or report this project’s output is a small web site—conceived, designed, and built by you— with a very specific format and types of content. As with your ePortfolio work, you will develop your WebQuest using WordPress software. Finally, the intellectual goal of your project is to use your increasing critical thinking and assessment skills to identify and analyze the subject matter, skills, personnel, and resources that someone would require to complete your chosen task.


While WebQuests are often published as stand-alone web sites, the required output for this assignment is a series of specific content pages to be published as part of your Assessment II ePortfolio project. These consist of the following HTML pages:


  1. WebQuest: The home page introduces your WebQuest. Here you introduce your

topic and activity, and provide some initial description.


  1. Task: Describe the outcome or goal as well as defining specific roles and

responsibilities necessary to complete that task


  1. Resources: List the online and offline resources required to complete your task.
  2. Process: Describe the process to complete the task in specific, detailed, steps. This is a critical section of the assignment.


  1. Evaluation: Explain the key performance indicators for measuring the success of

your project. How will your reader measure their level of achievement or mastery?

This is the most difficult, and most important, part of the assignment.


  1. Conclusion: Summarize (recap) your WebQuest and provide closure on the project

by including significant, thoughtful reflections.


Other Details

o Within your ePortfolio, your pages must be named according to the names given

above, or you will receive an additional 10% off your final assignment grade.

o The WebQuest (or home) page must be a main-menu level (or ‘parent’) page in your

WordPress theme, while the other pages will follow in order as sub-level (or ‘child’)


o Your WebQuest must include all of the above pages, or you will receive an

additional 50% off your final assignment grade.

o Your WebQuest must consistently follow your WordPress theme’s look, feel, and


o All of you materials must follow basic web standards and conventions for

organization, design, and accessibility.


To be able to understand WebQuests and complete your project successfully, the following resources are available. Note that students who ignore these resources will have extreme difficulty passing the assignment. Also, use Google. There are many online resources about WebQuests. As always, be sure to evaluate your sources: some web sites are better than others.



Thirteen.org: WebQuest Guide


Building Blocks of a WebQuest


Education World: An Interview with Bernie Dodge


YouTube Instructional Videos

Web Templates and Design Examples

o You should be creative: WebQuests can be designed around most significant,

process-based tasks.

o Your ASSE 3211 lab instructors will help you learn how to add your content to your

chosen WordPress theme.



You will submit your completed WebQuest as a single Word or PDF via an assignment

submission link in Blackboard. By the end of the semester you will also integrate the

WebQuest content into your WordPress ePortfolio. Your lab instructor will provide more

details in advance of the deadline.


Date Due: Word/PDF document before 11:55pm on Saturday, 18/10/2014 (Week5)

Late and Non-Functional Assignments

o Students whose web site is nonfunctional, doesn’t open, or missing critical files after

opening from the submission link file will receive 0% as their grade for this project.

Make sure before submitting (that is, test it out!) that all necessary materials for your

WebQuest are saved, and that your site is completely functional.

o Late assignments will receive 50% off. Late means posted any time after the due date and time. Assignments turned in more than 3 days late will not be accepted, for any reason.



The WebQuest is worth a total of 10% of the overall course grade. There are 50 available points, with grades calculated by dividing total points by 5 for a final score out of 10%.




5 Background information about the task, importance and learning outcomes.
Task 5 Must be specific and detailed, matches with the different parts of the WebQuest. This must involve higher-level thinking skills.
Resources 5 List all required resources needed to complete the task, of all types.
Process 8 List (step by step) requirements to complete the task in order. Eliminate all possible assumptions for your user.
Evaluation 12 Develop assessment tools or measures to evaluate the successful completion of the task. This should include an evaluation rubric, as well as a substantial written introduction.
Conclusion 5 Two parts: 1) conclude on the task itself and then 2) reflect on creating the WebQuest. At least two paragraphs.
Functionaliy &


10 Does everything work? Are all the pages present, in order, and functional? Is your design consistent with your theme and error free?
TOTAL 50 [Divide by 5 to get final score out of 10%.]


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