Present your view on what the bank of the future may look like, describing the nature of its activities and the environment in which it operates.
In light of the nature of the bank of the future’s activities and, based on current trends and emerging risks, identify and describe the risks the bank is likely to face and evaluate the implications of these risks for the bank’s effective risk management.
Assess the extent to which regulatory responses to these risks will be required to improve
bank risk management, with a view to keeping the bank of the future safe and sound and
maintaining the stability of the financial system.
Assess the ways in which the bank of the future will manage its key risks, and critically
reflect on the extent to which adoption of a holistic, or enterprise wide, approach to risk
management will be effective in measuring, monitoring and mitigating the risks to which
the bank is exposed.
Critically assess the ways in which best practice in risk management, including governance, could be applied to build and embed an effective risk culture in the bank of the future.

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