Assignment 9: For this assignment, you will need to carry out 3 (three) observations of a child aged between 2½ and 5 years of age. Each observation must cover a different area of development. You must use the following three observational technique
• This is the most focussed method of observation as it looks at specific behaviour (the ‘event’), and the frequency or reoccurrence of this event/behaviour.
o For example:- observing how often the young child references the teacher during the morning session, or observing and recording the child’s verbal communication during 40 minutes of play.
o Whilst this method is often used to shed light on negative behaviour (such as aggression), you are asked to focus on positive behaviour for this observation.
• An event sample will enable you to see if the behaviour repeats itself, how often, what leads up to it and what is the outcome of the event / behaviour.
• This often reveals more about the child’s behaviour than one continuous narrative observation.

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