Whether or not you are aware of it, at some point in your life, you have set goals and objectives. From planning vacations and weddings to planning the purchase of a new car, setting goals and objectives is an integral part of the planning process. This is especially true when planning public health programs. Establishing goals and objectives is essential to the success of the program. Each program has a unique set of goals and objectives, both long- and short-term, tailored to the overall mission of the program. In addition, each program has specific strategies it uses in order to reach its mission, goals, and objectives. For instance, using the Hawaii example from your Discussion this week, the community identified both short-term objectives—recruiting participants and conducting classes—and long-term objectives—tracking progress for one year. Strategies to meet the objectives were outlined in the action steps, such as putting up posters and organizing support groups. All of the objectives and strategies were tied to the goals of changing lifestyle behavior with social support, group support, and community involvement and the mission of decreasing risk of chronic disease.
What are the goals of your Course Project public health program? What objectives and strategies will help reach the program goals? In this week’s section of your Course Project, you identify your program’s goals, objectives, and strategies.
To Prepare for this Assignment:

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