final term paper request: economics and education

  • the following two types of writing projects that is accepted fot the final project: ( choose one )
  1. Literature Review: for example, in a paper on “Adult Literacy Programs”, the student may draw upon the findings of the literature to analysis general results and trends, new lines of research and potential policy implication. “I prefer this type of writing, and about “ NO Child left behind” program.


  1. Empirical Evaluation: for example, in a paper on “ the financing of an education program for girls in country Y”, the student may apply econometrics to evaluate the impact of the program on girls in country Y.
  • Abstract:1-2 pages, which identifies the research question, methodology design, content and structure.

Further, tentative dates for first, intermediate and final drafts of this program should be included.  Define your paper around a specific topic or problem, avoid writing a description of a topic like “ Impact of education on Zimbabwe”

  • outline: the deadline of outline is 5th
  • The paper should include a title page, abstract, table of contents, reference list and appendices, and it should be in accordance with the “ publication manual of American psychological association”,which includes no spelling errors, grammatical mistakes or typos.

Margin: 1

Pages in total: 30~ 40


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