Paper instructions:

During the year of 2014, 15,000 asylum seekers arrive at the northern border of Israel. The vast majority of them (about 10,000) are rebels who objected the Assad

regime. Those rebels fled Syria because they were unable to receive health care, education for their children, and employment in the public sector (which is virtually

the only sector in Syria’s economy). The rest are people from the city of Quontaira. They are Assad supporters, whose city was accidentally hit by Syrian army

airplanes, which actually aimed to hit a rebel base which was close to their city. They lost their houses, fields and all of their belongings. Due to the situation in

Syria, they could not expect to receive any government support.

Israel was quick to respond, in attempt to block the mass influx of asylum seekers. What steps do you expect Israel to take? What do you think are Israel’s legal

and moral obligations in this situation?

(Please apply the 1951 Convention/the Protocol 1967’s Articles while analyzing the TOPIC).

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