Paper instructions:
Answer Questions under section “Assessment 1 – Portfolio Questions”, Included some references and 200 words for each question.

Workshop 3 – Chapter 3
Role of Culture

In-class activity 1: Discussion questions
Discuss the following in class:
1. Explain the cultural subsystems that influence people and their behaviour.

2. Discuss GLOBE dimensions.

3. Discuss Trompenaars dimensions.

In-class activity 2: Ongoing Semester Case Study – Businessville Hotel.

The Beijing Businessville Hotel has recruited staff for all its departments. Staff are from all over Asia and some even come from the Middle East. The hotel also

appoints 4 Americans to focus on the Western guests they hope to attract. Within the staff profile, there are a variety of religions represented, a large number of

language groups and a predominance of males in management positions. Consider the following questions as a focus of class discussion. Prepare your ideas before class.

1. What are the major points of cultural difference that might arise with such a diverse staff?
2. How can you make sure that guests feel that their cultural practices are accepted and welcome?

In-class activity 3: Student Presentation Case Study.

Students to present solutions to Q 1, 2, 3 & 5 of case study titled ‘Australia and New Zealand: Doing business with Indonesia’ on pages 126-129 of the textbook.

Audience to prepare discussion points for the questions.

In-class activity 4: In-class multi-choice quiz.

Print out the quiz for the students and administer in class. Students will be given 10 mns to attempt the quiz. Discuss the solutions in class. This quiz serves as a

good revision exercise.

Assessment 1 – Portfolio questions:

Students are required to answer the three questions in essay format (maximum 600 words in total). Please print number of words at the end.

1. Discuss how the Internet and culture interact. Which most affects the other and how? Give some examples.

2. Discuss the types of operational conflicts that could occur in an international context because of differences in attitudes towards time and individualism.

Give examples relative to specific countries.

3. Identify three stereotypes that foreigners typically hold about Australians. Why do you think they might hold these stereotypes? Identify three cultural

stereotypes that you hold (about foreign cultures).

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