Assignment:Engulfed by Medical Incidences
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Assignment:Engulfed by Medical Incidences
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Harris County, Texas
Texas is engulfed by medical incidences ranging from obesity (32nd in the country), hypertension (29th in the country), diabetes (35th in the country) and a smoking problem (20th in the country). All this diseases are chronic and have adverse effects on the individual and the community as a whole. The problem is exacerbated by the fact a large quantity of people in Texas are not insured making it a significant problem for patients with such ailments to access quality and sufficient health care. The problem of healthcare in Texas has been identified as one of the major issues affecting the state. Services needed to treat patients with chronic diseases are offered and financed by Texas Medicaid but getting insurance is not easy, the patients require to have a certain gross annual income and a fashionable family size. Texas is a multicultural state, this impacts on the healthcare services that are provided in the state, immigrants both legal and illegal have a considerable representation in the country, this creates a problem when they are visiting healthcare centers for fear of deportation due to lack of the necessary documentation. There is need for an elaborate medical catering laws which can cover the problem of providing healthcare services to patients who lack insurance coverage. It is also necessary for nurses to effectively offer their best services to cater for the deserving patients and offer quality healthcare.
Assignment:Engulfed by Medical Incidences
Assignment:Engulfed by Medical Incidences
Our group elaborately used Windshield surveys and Community assessments to correctly determine what the community warranted. The windshield survey revealed that the population of that community was mainly composed of women (51%), contrary to men 49%. The survey revealed the diverse races in the community of concern Hispanics and Latinos (40%), whites (33%), African Americans (18.4%) and Asians (6.1%). Healthcare is catered by one hospital and several low income clinics. The community assessment revealed that the community was in dire need of a poverty make over the dilapidated condition of the surrounding exposed the apparent poverty. Health wise the community was dealing with an influx of patients suffering from depression, hypertension and diabetes mellitus. The community is evidently affected by trying to support healthcare for all the people lacking the means or the ability to tend for themselves. The community has sufficient resources to warrant a healthy living, the urban setting is surrounded by an urban farm setting providing easily accessible fresh food. Limited understanding of treatment plans, language barriers, limited heart healthy foods and resources provide the health barriers in this community coupled with the chronic diseases common in this community. In addition the community assessment revealed a community that is infested by poverty, the transport system of the town was in dire need of an upheaval coupled with low standards of living. The community needs healthcare sector revamp , cheap and effective healthcare should be made availed to everyone despite their legal legitimacy as a citizen or an immigrant.
Promoting culturally competent change is the elaborate step that we consider should be used to collimate the health issues and barriers in the community. This strategy will be beneficial by encouraging cultural affiliations in the community to pursue healthcare. To create a culture where the people are concerned by increasing awareness of disease risks and allowing the patients to contribute to controlling their health. Referral groups need to be started to cater for patients without a primary care provider. Health fairs are also effective methods of catering for healthcare, they would provide options for health care coverage.
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The post This week, use state report cards, windshield surveys, and/or other tools to assess community needs in the community you selected in Week 4. Based on the needs you identify, as a group, select a health promotion
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