Balcones Heights Economics Essay Help Online

Balcones Heights Economics Essay Help Online
You are Jane Jacobs’ apprentice (recently employed) and her firm has decided to respond to the City of Balcones Heights’ “request for proposals” for creating Metro Balcones Heights (long-range, progressive, 25 year vision for Balcones Heights).
You are assigned the immediate task of outlining that vision in five year increments.
In an essay, articulate your outline-include a vision mission and discuss where tot start and why? what element to include and why? And what your Metro Balcones Heights looks-like in 2040? Remember that you are working for Jane Jacobs but remember Lewis and Neiman’s chapter 5.

Note for the books:
– Jacobs in The Death & life of Great American Cities.
– Lewis & Neiman in Governing the Growth and Development of Cities.

(Balcones Heights is a city in Bexar County, Texas, United States)

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