There are rnanq cultures that believe in the existence of monsters, demons, and other such creatures. Wrhiie
most oi us consicier the notion of their existence uniiiceig, ineiiet in monsters is not necessariig an
unreasonable belief; it is, at veri] least, supported cuituraliij, albeit not scientiiicaiig. Your tasic is to
research a rnonster and create a monster of qour own, toiiowing the directions below.
3 The storg ot the monster with rationale must 1:-e submitted to 1:11; 1i:5Qp1:n,
Weaiiesciag, September 95”“.
5 The work must he NEAT, not hastilg drawn the periocl betore. Your work must i)e
it . either coioreci or arfisfjcafly shacied black C3” white points). Sloppg messes and stick
tigures need not apptg. Your monster stloulct be visible anct, at least, a tut} page (3 1/2 Jr. 11) in
size. It is not acceptable to have an invisime monster (10 points). Your monster shouicl be
creative and original, 51] mboticatlg ctemonstrating a specific evil points). Ttiree
i ciiineiisionat monsters are acceptable.
i rt
E I Back-story
3 You wilt neerl to create a bacivstorg for gour monster. Your Lacie-storg sisiouici be a
E _ minirnum ot a one page anci should inclucie the inaclcgrounci of gour monster and its history
or a cieveiopmentai taie that explains its existence. Consiaer the setting the monster lives in
t and the basic contiict or evii it represents (.50 points). You stiould aiso give gour monster a
creative, tiiougiittui name . This is to be tilpeci anti submittea to turnitin.corn.
I Nionster Rationale –
I; .-’ At tine end oi 13 our iyacivstorg, gou are to acid a rationale for the continued existence
1‘ _ – and tascination witisi monsters. Your rationale siaouia be a mininiuin oi one paragraph and
answer many of the questiolls discussed ciuring class: mi] cio gou ttiinic mollsters exist? Can
i 1] ou give examples oi monsters from your ciniiciisooci? Can gou give examples oi the wag we
I see monsters in our societL}?Wq1at are tiio positive aspects of mon sters? Wrtiat neeci ciici
monsters in society in tiie past,wi1c1t neeci 111igi1t tisei] iii] now?
You niag have noticed that these points onlg acid up to 90. The other ten points are earneci 139 J
going above and beg onci the assignnieut – outstanciing artwork, extreme creativitg, etc. I Iii‘
Music or vicieotape mag be used in the presentation. Acomputer mat} also be Q)’
used it neeaed. Renlernber. The storg of the monster and rationaie must be “‘ it
suiamitteci to turnitincom hi] 11:59pm, Wediiesdag, September 95”‘.
Hook forward to seeing gour work! .533;

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