The best way to convince your interviewer that you know the company well is to be able to articulate what makes it special compared to competitors. Companies will often tell you the answer to this and many other questions right on their websites.
Last week you reviewed companies and chose one company(Cisco) that is a best fit employer for your skills, goals and personality. The company was approved as one to use for your Career Project.
For the company you chose, research and find the following information to include as required components in your report:
1. What makes the company special compared to its competitors (usually discovered by examining the company’s mission and values)?
2. What is the company size and where is the company located?
3. How did the company get started (company history) and where is it now? 
4. What is the company’s financial health (new products, expansion efforts, company risks, whether revenues are growing or stable, etc.)?
5. Check out the company’s community interaction (news, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Is the tone professional or casual? Is there heavy promotion with little interaction? Is the company responsive to complaints?
6. What sources did you use for your research? (List in-text citations and list references in APA Style – see Appendix B, pages 595-596 and Company Report Format document found below.)
Organize your research to outline the most important elements of the company.
Write report in an essay format to include what you have discovered in your research about the company. All areas outlined above need to be included. You should include a title page and reference page. Note that you cannot copy and paste information from websites without citing the sources used.

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