Business Process Management

Business Process Management


The management of snack bars café uses specific series of actions to accomplish their objectives. This process has a start point and an end point between which a range of items such as records forms and materials are undertaken by the staff that is located in different locations and undertaking different duties. During the process, certain items undergoes value adding so as to present the clients with what they want – which is hot food in this case. This report explores some of the processes that are undertaken in this café, together with a process map that can be used to represent the whole business process (Kawalek and Kueng, 1997).

The café’s operations which include the actual way that fresh hot food is actually made also known as the value adding process

The process of making hot food in snack bar involves a series of actions that involves several people. Avery action that takes places results into value addition. The process of making food starts with acquisition of kitchen inputs and ends with completion of cooked food, ready for the clients to place orders. The inputs are ordered from specified suppliers, including farmers and green grocers. When the supplies are acquired; they are kept in the store for the kitchen team to use for preparation of food. The process of preparation of food starts by the persons who are responsible for preparation of raw food. It is then handed over to the chefs who are trained for preparing a variety of dishes (Indihar, 2004).

Depending on the specific dish that is being prepared, proper recipe is followed to ensure that the food is of high standard for the customers to get satisfied. After every dish is fully cooked, a supervisor who is also responsible for ensuring hygiene and health status of the food undertakes an examination to ensure that the food is good for human consumption. When this is completed, the food is placed on the serving place, ready for the customers to place orders (Jaklic Groznik and Kovacic, 2003).


Business processes (The processes or steps that the staff goes through from taking your order through to completing the sale)

The process that goes on since the customers gets into the café, till they places order is very important, and one that requires high standards of skills. It is here that the staffs of the café get to meet with the customers and their conduct matters a lot. The process starts when the waiters welcome the customers in the café. When a customer takes a sit, he is given a couple of minutes to through the menu, so as to decide what they will to order. During this time, the attendant maintains a watchful eye in case the customer requires some help, or has decided on what to order. At this point, the waiter tries to remain focused on the clients order so that he may not forget some details, and maybe make the client frustrated (IWEMMSAD, 1997; Graham, 2004).

When the client finally places an order, another waiter makes a receipt and hands it over to the customer. The waiter goes over to the counter to request for the order that the client has placed. The persons who are serving food make an order from the kitchen so that the food can be brought over. The waiter counterchecks the order to ensure that none of the customer’s request has been left out (Indihar, 2004). When the client completes taking the meals, he hands over the receipt to the cashier. The cashier receives the money from the customer and the processes end there………………

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