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Log into Chamberlain.edu -cuurent students in top right corner -log in username-D40236144 password- Xraynurse8 (X is capital) -scroll down to Religion448N course under liberal arts course. -click on Week 4 -midterm exam and BEGIN! the writer must be knowledgeable in the below 4 chapters before taking this test.

*There are 4 essay questions worth 25 points each.

*The Midterm covers Chapters 4-Buddhism 8-Judaism 9-Christianity and 10-Islam.

Reference:Experiencing the World’s Religions 5th Edition by Michael Molloy © 2010 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. OR ANY OTHER EDITION

*Remember to save your answers often.

*2 hours have been allotted for the Midterm Exam.

*Remember to submit your quiz when you are finished.

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