Alienation is the proceed of withdrawing oneself from others, from a former position, from family members, or from the values of the society. In the book Brave New world by Aldous Huxley, a number of characters convey out alienation. Alienation of the characters is through manifestation, intellect, and morals. The first personality is Bernard. His alienation is in his appearance. As Alpha, Bernard is extremely squat and ugly. This made him seem an outcast by the society. The society discriminating him meant he could not rhyme with others. Bernard described alienation as a property of a selected category of people and not a category of man.

John was the son of Linda and Thomas, director of London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Alienation of John was mentally physically and emotionally. His light complexion made him locked out of other Indians. He was mocked and isolated. His life revolved on knowledge of Shakespeare plays, which he quoted without doubt. The knowledge of Shakespeare made him criticize values of the World state. He believed that any poetry that does not sell is a product of prohibition. At the end, John commits suicide because of difference between his values and the reality of the world around him.

Helmholtz Watson was a lecturer at Emotion Engineering College. He was a sole example in his characters. He loved scripting and always wanted his writing skills to go a notch higher. He also liked to express himself in writing. He says, “Words are like X-rays if you use the properly they will go through anything. You read, and you are pierced” (Brave new world 70). He was a close friend to Bernard. Helmholtz always strived to be emotionally stable even in situations he was not satisfied. Helmholtz was similar to John as they both loved poetry and always criticized the values of the World State.

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