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analysis Tesla Motors in file (Use of Strategic Analysis Tools Covered to Date) The most important results and implications from your analysis of the situation. You are required to use the appropriate frameworks, concepts, and techniques covered to date in the course. You may also include other tools known to you when they enhance your understanding of the situation. Reminder – SWOT is not a tool we use in this class, so this tool is not allowed. Remember, however, that these are analytical tools, which help in forming judgments concerning central problems and associated recommendations; these tools are not ends in themselves. Emphasize your judgments and present data/information from the case, along with supporting analysis, in support of these judgments. Avoid merely rehashing facts. Do not take a framework and present the entire analysis unless every aspect is important to convey. Only focus on the key issues and, most important, the implications you are drawing from your analysis. Remember, we have all read and analyzed the same case. Part of the learning is for you to be able to identify what is most important and its implications. That is what should be presented.


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