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To prepare for this Discussion, read Chapters 3 and 4 and the articles about electronic waste management complete. Watch the video “Shelter in Place.” Consider the role and responsibilities of the government in protecting communities from environmental harm as you review the

following case study:
• XYZ Computer, a U.S.-based company, promotes “green” policies in its advertising. Recently, the news has reported that XYZ Computer’s waste management activities include shipping old computer parts to a remote village in Mexico where the regulations are more lenient. Now, the villagers have developed various health outcomes linked to toxic substances that often appear due to the mismanagement of electronic devices near their end-of-life.

Post a brief description of the possible health outcomes that may be experienced by individuals exposed to toxic substances with regard to this case study.

Then post a brief explanation of environmental laws, policies, and enforcement agencies that should resolve the situation.

Finally, explain your position on the ethical and legal responsibilities of governments in protecting communities in other countries from environmental harm.

• Required Resources
• Video: Films Media Group. (2009). Shelter in place: Living in the shadows of the petrochemical industry. United States: Films Media Group.
Copyright 2009. Used by permission of Films Media Group.

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 48 minutes.

Note: This program is not available for download. You must view the program in the media player provided below.

• Course Text: Essentials of Environmental Health

o Review Chapter 2, “Environmental Epidemiology”c c c < /font>
o Chapter 3, “ Environmental Toxicology”< /font>
o Chapter 4, “Environmental Policy and Regulation”& amp; lt; /font>
o PowerPoint: Chapter 3, “Environmental Toxicology”
o PowerPoint: Chapter 4, “Environmental Policy and Regulation”
• Article: Puckett, J. (2003). Recycling: No excuse for global environmental injustice. Seattle, WA: Basel Action Network.
Copyright 2003 by Basel Action Network. Reprinted by permission of Basel Action Network.
• Web Article: Elgin, B. & Grow, B. (2008, October 15). E-Waste: The dirty secret of recycling electronics. Bloomberg Businessweek, 8(43). Retrieved from
Web Resources
• Essentials of Environmental Health Flashcards

o Chapter 3, “Environmental Toxicology”
o Chapter 4, “Environmental Policy and Regulation”
• Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. (2011). Agency for toxic substances and disease registry. Retrieved from
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011). National institute for occupational safety and health (NIOSH). Retrieved from
• U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (2011). U.S. food and drug administration. Retrieved from
• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2011). U.S. environmental protection agency. Retrieved from
• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (2011). eCycling. Retrieved from
Optional Resources
• Cabellos, E., & Boyd, S. (Producers). (2002). Choropampa: The price of gold [Motion picture]. United States: Icarus Films.
• Cano, L. (Producer), Hirsch, B. (Producer), & Nichols, M. (Director). (1983). Silkwood [Motion picture]. United States: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
• Devito, D. (Producer), Shamberg, M. (Producer), Sher, S. (Producer), & Soderbergh, S. (Director). (2000). Erin Brockovich. [Motion picture]. United States: Universal Pictures.

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