Buy Custom Research Papers Online on Home Depot Comparing to Walmart and Lows .

This is a project for financial analysis and reporting course.

It’s basically about comparing my company -Home Depot- with two other companies which are Lowes and Walmart.
I will put the Comprehensive Case Template in the attachment. I filled up most of the numbers in the cells, but there are numbers you should put to arrive to some needed ratios. PLEASE take the missing numbers from SEC Edgar which you can find the financial statements and the 10K and 10Q.
enter the ticker ( HD, WMT & LOW) .. Go to interactive data.]

This is what the professor asking for exactly:
Using the information from the Comprehensive Case Template as well as understanding of the principles of finance, prepare 2 page written case addressing the following.. Comparing YOUR SELLECTED COMPANY (Home Depot) to YOUR TWO COMPARISON COMPANIES (Lowes and Walmart):
( Please answer all the six questions )
1- DO profitability analysis for the company. How do they compare to others in their industry?

2- Do credit Risk Analysis for the company. What rating would you give them?

3- Calculate the EPS and Diluted EPS. How do they compare to others in their industry?

4- Determine how effective the firm is in collecting receivables, turning inventory, & turning PPE.

5- Determine how effective the organization is utilizing interest free financing like accounts payable.

6- Overall, what are the implications of each? What recommendations would you give to management relating to each?
As the template sets up most of the analysis, the focus of your written case should be the answers to the questions for each.

Important points for the analysis:
1- Apply the financial model, forecast, and various valuation models successfully arriving at an accurate and compelling information to be used in arriving at conclusions.
2- No language and grammatical errors.
3- Use throughout and clear system of organization of sources, evidence, and arguments that makes the paper’s analysis and conclusions compelling from beginning to end.
Please attach the final temple that you will do along with the written analysis.
Thank you.


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