Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group
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Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group
Capstone Case: New Century Wellness Group
New Century Wellness Group offers a holistic approach to healthcare with an emphasis on preventive medicine as well as traditional medical care. In your role as an IT consultant, you will help New Century develop a new information system. Background New Century Wellness Group is interested in a new information system to support its business and health information management needs. The new system would replace a mix of paper-based and fragmented computer systems. Dr. Jones had previously asked you to work with him as a systems analyst and help the group develop an information system that will support current operations and future growth. You will explore the possibility of a business support system for the scheduling, billing, accounting, and payroll functions of the practice as well as a system to support the clinical applications of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). At your next meeting, Dc Jones explains what the practice partners have in mind in more detail. They are looking for a medical practice software solution that allows each office worker to conduct their job more efficiently. He explains to you what systems they are looking for from the perspective of a patient who comes into the office. Lisa Sung schedules a patient’s appointment and the patient comes into the office for the first time. On this appointment, an EMR is started for the patient that includes the patient’s demo-graphic information, medical history, and insurance information. A patient may be coming in to see any one of the healthcare providers, including a physician, nurse practitioner, physical thera-pists, or the nutritionist. These providers would enter any orders or prescriptions into the EMR with the CPOE system. The Providers who use the EMR and CPOE system are supported by the CDSS. Patients often schedule a follow-up appointment before leaving the practice office. After a patient’s visit, Susan Gifford, who maintains the patient medical records, reviews the records to ensure they are complete. Carla Herrera orders any supplies needed to replace items used by the patient. Tammy Alipio begins billing the patient’s insurance provider for services that were rendered to the patient. Tom Capaletti follows up on the billing to ensure the practice is getting paid for all claims. Dr. Jones also tells you that the system should also include modules to support Fred Brown and Corinne Summers in I IR and payroll. You explain to Dr. Jones that you would like to conduct a preliminary investigation that will give you the information you need to make recommendations about what system they should pur-sue. Dr. Jones agrees to your investigation and you set a follow-up appointment in one month. Tasks 1. Health information management is a rapidly-growing sector that directly affects healthcare costs. Every specialized area has its own vocabulary, and health information management is no exception. Conduct an Internet search to learn about Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE), and a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). Describe your findings, using nontechnical language that is easy to understand. 2. You are planning a preliminary investigation of Dr. Jones’s request. For each step, describe the steps you will take, the methods you will use, and the information you will seek. Also explain how you plan to define the project’s scope and why this task is so important.
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