Case Assignment: Disciplines
Case Assignment: Disciplines
Case Assignment: Disciplines
Assignment 4: SOAP Note Each week, you are required to enter your patient encounters into eMedley. Your faculty will be checking to ensure you are seeing the right number and mix of patients for a good learning experience. You will also need to include a minimum of one complete SOAP note using the Pediatric SOAP Note template. The SOAP note should be related to the content covered in this week, and the completed note should be submitted to the Dropbox. When submitting your note, be sure to include the reference number from eMedley. Submission Details: By Week 4, Day 3 enter your patient encounters into eMedley and complete at least one SOAP note in the template provided. Name your SOAP note document SU_NSG6435_W4_A4_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Include the reference number from eMedley in your document. Submit your document to the W4 Assignment 4 Dropbox by Week 4, Day
© homeworkjoy.comMany of the characteristics of good learning experiences mentioned by the group during the
May 13 seminar are in fact related to instructional techniques that have substantial research
support behind them. This handout provides a list of these instructional techniques along
with resources for people who would like to learn more about them. The characteristics
identified as “Best in Show” during the session are listed under the relevant technique.
NOTE: Links may change over time; if you click a link and it does not work, you may be
able to find the resource by going to the site’s main page and searching for it.
1. Problem Based Learning
Resource: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning (IJPBL)
a. Learning activities include applied portions/projects that are directly
applicable to later life/work.
b. The learning activities include applied learning and problem solving.
c. The teacher uses an apprentice/mentor model: the teacher provides the
tools / framework and presents students with a problem, then provides
guidance as needed while they work through it.
2. Collaborative Learning
i. The activities include interactive, small group learning experiences.
ii. The teacher fosters a shared sense of responsibility amongst the learners;
the group gains strength through working together to learn.
3. Small Group Discussion
a. Learning activities include small group discussion, which encourages
critical thinking and allows interaction with peers who may have relevant
knowledge or expertise.
4. Authentic Tasks and Events
a. Students complete real world tasks as teaching examples (e.g., determine
the guilt or innocence of a suspect).
b. Learning activities or projects are tied in to current events and/or include
real life examples.
What Makes Good Teachers
Characteristics of Good Learning Experiences
Dr. Dina Kurzweil and Dr. Beth Marcellas,Education & Technology Innovation Support Office (ETI)
2 | MPS Seminar on What Makes Good Teachers
5. Interdisciplinary Learning
a. The learning activity mixes disciplines and allows students to apply one to
the other (e.g., teaching Freud alongside Shakespeare).
6. Team Teaching
a. Teachers work together to incorporate related content in multiple courses
to give students a sense of the wider context of the material.
7. Class Structure
a. The teacher provides good structure and guidance.
8. Emotion and Engagement
a. Learning activities engage the students’ emotions.
b. The teacher is committed to and pays attention to the individuals –
understanding where they are and helping them to get to where they
should be.
c. The teacher incorporates the content into a clear narrative or story.
d. The teacher provides creative assignments (e.g., create a documentary
about a topic rather than writing a research paper about it).
e. The teacher demonstrates enthusiasm about teaching; he or she comes to
class prepared (e.g., has case studies or good real-life examples).
9. Reflective Teaching Strategies
a. Thinking about how to teach (e.g., watching yourself teach on video,
practicing an activity before trying it in the classroom, gathering relevant
real world stories to use) can help you provide more effective learning
experiences for your students.
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