Case Assignment: Verbal and Nonverbal
Case Assignment: Verbal and Nonverbal
Case Assignment: Verbal and Nonverbal
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Section Two focuses on an evaluation of the team ability to accomplish tasks. The team, as presented in the scenario, should be evaluated for each of the following elements: • Ability to handle differences, • Maintaining team order, • Communication (both verbal and nonverbal), and • Team Cohesiveness. 4. Section Three focuses on team development. This action should include the following elements: • Overall summary of the discussion and team interactions as presented in the scenario • Discussion of one positive action demonstrated by a team member • Discussion of three non-productive actions demonstrated during the scenario • Discussion of one potential cause for the team dysfunction • Discussion of two actions that can foster teams with multiple generations to work as a productive group • Discussion of two actions that can foster teams with multiple disciplines to work as a group • Discussion of four actions that would foster the entire scenario team to work as a group Scholarly support for actions is required. 5. Summary of this paper identifies the key points from the information provides as well as insights gained (what was learned) regarding engaging others with leadership. Criteria for Format and Special Instructions 1. This assignment must be submitted to TurnItIn™, as required by the TurnItIn™ policy. A Similarity Index of “blue” or “green” must be obtained. A score in the blue or green range indicates a similarity of less than 24% which is the benchmark for CCN graduate nursing students. Any other level of similarity index level requires the student to revise the assignment before the due date and time. To allow sufficient time for revision, early submission of the assignment to TurnItIn™ is highly encouraged. The final submission will be graded by faculty. If a Turnitin™ report indicates that plagiarism has occurred, the Academic Integrity policy will be followed. 2. The use of a dictionary is not allowed for this assignment. 3. The textbook required for this course and lesson information may not be used as a reference for this assignment. 4. A minimum of 7 (seven) scholarly references must be used. 5. When presenting information from a published resource, past tense verbs are required. 6. Title page, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section or topic (except for introduction) of the paper. 7. The paper (excluding the title page and references page) should be at least 5 pages but not more than 8 pages long. Points will be lost for not meeting these length requirements (too short or too long) 8. Ideas and information that come from readings must be cited and referenced correctly. 9. Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are followed and consistent with formal written work as found in the 6th edition of the APA manual. 10. Past tense verbs are used when presenting information from published resources. ?
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