“How the Cellular Phone has Become a Multi-Function Appliance

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that cell phones have become an essential part of modern life. A cell phone today is a multi-functional device, which can grant its user an access to the Internet, wireless communications, as well as to a wide variety of applications for business and leisure. Dr. Martin Cooper, who had invented the first mobile phone, would not recognize his invention today.

Since a cell phone was created to help pass information between people, its main function is communication. The device connects to the cellular networks in its geographical area, and lets people communicate in two basic forms. The first one is a simple voice call, and the second one is a short text messaging, when a person dials a text, using his phone’s keyboard.

Still, a progress has turned a cell phone into a powerful business device. It is capable of banking operations, vehicle tracking, email, Internet access, wireless communications, such as Bluetooth, and data storing. For example, nowadays one has the ability to access and use all banking services without actually going to a bank. This includes transfer money from bank to bank, and lately even to another phone, due to services like Mpesa, introduced by the “Vodaphone” company in Kenya. The mobile phone can also track the location of selected vehicles, use GPS navigation, serve as a detailed map or a compass, a flash drive an so on . These features have transformed the cellular phone into a business appliance (Bruijn, Nyamnjoh & Brinkman, 2009, p44).

Modern cell phones also grant enormous possibilities for leisure. Among many entertainment features there are photography, gaming, and an access to radio and television content. Users may take pictures and store them on their phones, or upload them to various social networking platforms. It has become possible to watch movies and listen to music through a cell phone, as well as edit photos in programs similar to Adobe Photoshop. They can also play games which have already been preset on their gears, or download them from the Internet. These aspects have transformed the hand held phone from a mundane device into a recreational wonder (Carlo & Schram, 200, p 56).

In conclusion it should be said that the infusion of new technology into the cellular phones has changed them greatly. What started as a communication device that aided cordless passing of information between two locations is now a multi-functional device for business and entertainment. Business-focused features have made the cell phone necessary and irreplaceable in the business world. The combination of communicational, business and recreational features have helped the cellular phone evolve into a multi-functional appliance.”


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