Team Case Study
Many of the most important organizational behavior challenges require coordinating plans and goals among groups. This case describes a multi-organizational effort, but the same principles of accommodation and compromise also apply when trying to work with multiple divisions within a single organization. You’ll create a blueprint for managing a complex development team’s progress, steering team members away from negative conflicts and toward productive discussion. You’ll also be asked to help create a new message for executives so they can lead effectively.

Major Topic Areas
– Group dynamics
– Maximizing team performance
– Organizational culture
– Integrative bargaining

Chapters 2, 5, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18

Your Assignment

The Woodson Foundation, the NCPIE, and the schools have asked you to provide some information about how to form teams effectively.

They would like your response to explain what should be done each step of the way:
– the selection of appropriate team members
– setting group priorities and goals, setting deadlines
– describing effective methods for resolving conflicts that arise

After this, they’d like you to prepare a brief set of principles for leaders of the newly established program. That means you will have two audiences: the development team, which will receive one report on how it can effectively design the program, and the program team, which will receive one report on how it can effectively lead the new program.

out line:

? Message for Program Team
– Describe the different/similar organizational cultures
– How leaders can generate a transformational message to encourage trust
– Strategy for managing diversity issues
? Concluding Statements

Case Study: comprehensive message for program team

1. Leaders of the new combined organization should have a good idea of the culture of the school district, the NCPIE, and the Woodson Foundation because they will need to manage relationships with all three groups on an ongoing basis. How would you describe the culture of these various stakeholder organizations? Use concepts from the chapter on organizational culture to describe how they differ and how they are similar.

Suggested discussion:
• Research identifies seven primary characteristics that capture the essence of an organization’s culture
• Each of the characteristics exists on a continuum from low to high.

Hint: Create a grid outlining the characteristics and the characteristics ratings. See page 300, exhibit 9-7

2. Consider how leaders of the new program can generate a transformational message and encourage employee and parent trust. Using material from the chapter on leadership, describe how you would advise leaders to accomplish these ends.

Suggested discussion:
• Transformational Leadership
• How Transformational Leadership Works

3. Given the potential for demographic fault lines in negotiating these changes, what would you advise as a strategy for managing diversity issues for program leaders?

Suggested discussion:
• Effective, comprehensive workforce programs encouraging diversity have three distinct components.


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