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Utilize the following categories to flesh out your topic: – assess the ethics of the situation (Relationship, goals, beliefs, and values: of the healthcare provider, patient, and community; the differences and sameness)
– Reflect on and review potential actions (recognize available choices and how those choices are valued

– Select an ethical action (maximizing good)

– Engage in ethical action

– Reflect and review that action


Case study
Note that you are able to introduce comparison situations (i.e.: if that same situation is changed by the patient being a different age, or the percentage of success is more or less) – if you desire.

Have fun, be creative and use your resources (theories, value frameworks, standards, etc.).
The purpose of this assignment is for you to declare an argument surrounding an ethical issue within a presented case study.
In order to prepare for this assignment, review the specific case study for your group, and reflect on the ethical dilemma and how it informs your opinion or bias about Nursing.
This academic paper will be 6-8 pages in length (Not including the title page and references pages).
The following RUBRIC will be used to evaluate this assignment:


APA Correct Title page (Running Head, Student Name, Student Number, Course Title, Paper Title, Date, Presented to) 1
References page contains more than required academic reference (3) and text reference. References are cited within the text consistently.
Follows APA guidelines of components: double space, 12 pt. Font Times New Roman, hanging indent.

APA Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling
APA correct in accordance with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (6th ed.).
Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct.
Language is clear and precise; Sentences display consistently strong, varied structure.

Presentation of dilemma
What are your assumptions (response)?
What did you learn from your resources? Were your assumptions correct or biased?
The research is stated clearly and succinctly. The specific aims are clearly articulated. (case dilemma)
What are the Nursing implications?
Rationale used to support argument
Resolution of dilemma
Information is very organized into excellently constructed paragraphs.
Each paragraph has an introductory sentence, 3 additional sentences (at a minimum), and a concluding sentence are present. Paragraph transitions are logical.



Succinctly sum up the content of your paper


Annalise had been working on the infectious diseases (ID) unit for over four years and found it extremely interesting. She thought it was fascinating how all the pieces from observations, assessments, and the various lab results lab results were put together to form a diagnosis and treatment plan. She enjoyed the challenges of the work and felt that her assessments were often important in helping the physician make a diagnosis.
Only one thing about working on ID consistently bothered Annalise; the presence of convicted prisoners on the unit. This happened fairly often, as they would frequently cut themselves and do something such as rubbing feces in the wound to make it infected. This was, she supposed, the act of desperate people who would do anything to get away from the prison environment for a while. When they became infected they were admitted to ID for treatment. They were always accompanied by a guard.

Annalise had been troubled for a while by a certain patient named Mike. He was a convicted rapist and pedophile who had been incarcerated for several years. This in itself really bothered Annalise, who could not understand how a person could do such horrible things. And this was not his first admission to the unit. This time he had a very serious leg wound that seemed not to respond to antibiotics. The infection was spreading, and he was in danger of losing his leg, if not his life. Still, he seemed to have a lot of energy for harassing the nurses. Annalise was his particular target. She was an attractive woman and an excellent nurse, and he was delighted each time she was assigned to him. When he was first admitted Annalise had put her feeling of repugnance aside, reasoning that everyone deserves a chance. However he seemed to be entirely self-serving and manipulative. He would make lewd and suggestive remarks, using very foul language and attempt to touch her in highly offensive ways. He ignored her requests to stop and the guards all seemed to enjoy watching her become embarrassed and angry. She found herself avoiding the room and doing little things to “punish” him. Each time she did such things, she felt a little badly about not treating him like she did her other patients, but it was somewhat satisfying, too. She felt he deserved it, and it gave her a feeling of regaining power to make his day a little less pleasant.

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