I need to answer the following questions by filling in the blanks, choosing the correct multiple choice answers and true or false questions. I just need the answers not the full sentences for these questions please.

1.Federal district courts are courts of ______________ jurisdiction, meaning these courts may only hear matters set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

2.A case is only heard by the United States Supreme Court if ________ of the nine justices agree that the case should be heard.

3.Generally, issues regarding a person’s constitutional rights are heard by _________________ courts.

4.If the parties are residents of different states and the amount in controversy is above ______________, then a federal court may hear the case.

5.A party’s ability to file in either federal court or state court is known as _________________ jurisdiction.

6.If the U.S. government is a party to an action, this matter must be heard by a _________________ court.

7.The burden of proof in a criminal matter is ____________________.

8.A short summary of the judicial opinion is a _________________ that is located at the beginning of the judicial opinion.

9.Generally, a published judicial opinion contains the ____________ that the opinion was published.

10.____________ law is made up of published judicial opinions.

11.A grand jury may issue a/an _____________, a written list of charges against the defendant.

12.At the ________________ stage of the criminal proceeding, the defendant enters a plea of guilty or not guilty.

13.A juror may be removed for cause. Parties have a/an ______________ number of challenges for cause.

14.If there is no basis for the plaintiff’s lawsuit, the defendant may file a ________ ________ _______.

15.Generally the party against whom the civil lawsuit is brought is known as the ____________.

16.In Terry v. Ohio, the United States Supreme Court ruled that an officer must have reasonable suspicion prior to conducting a stop-and-frisk of the suspect. The Court’s written opinion is known as _________________.
A. statutory law
B. case law
C. uniform statute
D. administrative law

17.On November 15, Mr. Hughes, a resident of Iowa, entered into a contract with Mr. Jackson, a Michigan resident, for the sale of Mr. Hughes’ personal jet, which is located in Ohio. The jet was worth one million dollars. The parties met in Ohio and Mr. Jackson inspected the jet. After the inspection, Mr. Jackson gave Mr. Hughes a $500,000 cashier’s check and signed the purchase contract. Mr. Jackson was scheduled to pay the remaining $500, 000 at the time of pick-up, December 1. After entering into the contract, Mr. Jackson sold his old airplane for $500,000 in reliance upon the contract with Mr. Hughes. On November 22, Mr. Hughes phoned Mr. Jackson and advised that he could not sell the jet. Mr. Jackson wants to sue Mr. Hughes in federal district court and he may because of _____________ jurisdiction.
A. exclusive
B. minimum contact
C. diversity
D. in rem

18.Jimmy James recently lost his job. Jimmy, in effort to support his family, decides to rob the local gas station. Jimmy does not plan to hurt anyone and only wants what is in the cash register. Jimmy carries out the robbery and is arrested three weeks later. What type of case will result from Jimmy’s actions?
A. criminal case
B. civil case
C. voir dire
D. administrative case

19.The prima facie elements of negligence are duty, breach of duty, proximate cause, and ______________.
A. damages
B. liability
C. punishment
D. legal duty

20.The ____________ are an opportunity after all testimony has been presented for both the plaintiff and defendant to summarize their cases and the trial.
A. opening statements
B. directed verdict
C. closing arguments
D. jury instructions

21.An attorney may not represent parties with adverse or conflicting interests; this is known as a/an __________________.
A. discovery issue
B. conflict of interest
C. competency issue
D. unauthorized practice of law issue

22.A paralegal may conduct the ___________________ of a potential client.
A. trial
B. deposition
C. initial client interview
D. cross-examination

23.United States Supreme Court justices are elected.
A. True
B. False

24.Concurrent jurisdiction and exclusive jurisdiction are the same.
A. True
B. False

25.A federal court may hear a matter if the case involves citizens of different states and the amount in dispute exceeds $75,000.
A. True
B. False

26.The Texas Supreme Court is bound by judicial opinions issued by the New Mexico Supreme Court, because they are border states.
A. True
B. False

27.A Rule 12(B) Motion to Dismiss may be made by either party.
A. True
B. False

28.When petitioning a court for an award of attorney fees, a legal assistant’s fees may be included in attorney’s calculation of legal fees.
A. True
B. False

I need to write 1 to 2 paragraphs for each of the following scenarios in essay format using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

29.Annie enters your office and states that she has been injured by Rocka Rolla, famous rock star. Annie has discovered that Rocka Rolla is a resident of California. On July 1, Rocka Rolla performed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Annie purchased a $400 ticket for front row seats at the concert. During the high energy performance, Rocka Rolla kicked the microphone stand and it hit Annie’s arm. After the incident, Annie continued to rock out. Several hours later at the end of the concert, Annie noticed a bruise. She went to the emergency room and after 10 hours, she was seen by the doctor. The doctor informed Annie that it was only a slight bruise and that she could resume her normal activities and the bruise would disappear after a week. Annie’s medical expenses total $800. Annie enters your office and wants to sue Rocka Rolla for $500,000 because she knows that he has the money. Annie’s bruise disappeared one week after the incident. Summarize the relevant facts in the factual scenario.

30. The husband and wife team of Dick and Jane robbed a local bank. The two were arrested shortly after the robbery. Prior to being arrested, the two quickly phoned Attorney Albert, one of the best defense attorneys in Nevada, and requested that he represent both criminal defendants. Attorney Albert stated he would research this issue and call them back. Attorney Albert has requested that you research this matter. What ethical issues are presented by this type of representation?


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