You work in the tax department of a firm of Chartered Accountants, ABC LLP. You have been requested to prepare some calculations for one of the firm’s clients, Graham Robinson, setting out the tax and National Insurance consequences of two courses of action that he is considering.

Graham, aged 55, is employed as an engineer and he has decided to leave his current employer on 31 March 2015. He is considering two work opportunities and wants to know the income tax and National Insurance consequences of both as well as any other tax or financial issues he should be aware of.

The first opportunity is an employment option which he would start on 6 April 2015. The second opportunity is to be self-employed which he would start on 1 April 2015.


Graham also has income from property, the tax consequences of which need to be calculated.

You should bear in mind throughout this assessment that you are employed by a reputable firm of accountants with ethical standards. If you identify any issues of ethical uncertainty in your advice, please explicitly state what these uncertainties are and what steps you suggest to resolve them.

Your assessment must be produced as a word processed document (printed) and submitted to the Transactions Desk, Aldham Robarts Student Zone by 4 pm on Thursday 29 January 2015. Please note that this deadline will not be extended.

Your assessment should not be enclosed in a plastic folder, or a cover of any kind. All pages in the assessment must be stapled together.


Handwritten assessments will not be marked.

In line with the policy for anonymous marking, your name and student number should not appear on your submitted document. You should complete and attach a coursework cover Submission sheet when you submit your coursework at the AR Student Zone.
This is an individual assessment. Any instances of collusion or plagiarism will be penalised.

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