FORMAT: No plagiarism on this paper. The paper should be very personal and must be in your own word. Every part of it should relate to your decision regarding which refrigerator you go for with the project and why. Use as many ?I? to reflect your own voice on the paper. The paper should include page numbers at the top of every page.

The paper MUST include references. This means either footnotes or citations within the text of your paper indicating the sources for each piece of information. There should be a list of all references at the end of the paper. Do NOT copy sentences from any of your sources without using quotation marks. Try to paraphrase rather than quoting: use your own words. No plagiarism on this paper. Use at least eight different sources, preferably more (a list of website have been attached; use only these links on the paper). Do NOT use Wikipedia.

On the paper, please find and includes this book, E. Brigham and M. Ehrhardt, Financial Management: Theory and Practice, 13th Edition, Thompson South-Western, 2009. ISBN: 9781439078099. I have this on eBook; please click on the link to download the Financial Management eBook:

Write an 10-11 pages papers (APA format, double-spaced, Time New Roman, 12 font, 1 in. margins), grammatically correct and spell checked. You should have an additional page for bibliography (references). There should be an abstract page. If you are unfamiliar with the APA guidelines on plagiarism, please read them on the Internet or at the library, and be careful not to plagiarize. Use the Tesca Case Analysis by answering all the questions concerning two refrigerators. I will completed and calculated the number into excel spreadsheets, therefore it will make it easy for you to answer the questions by reviewed the excel spreadsheet. Answers to the 8 questions asked devote a minimum of a page to each, with individual headings. You should refer back to your exhibits for data or calculations, keeping them out of the main body of the paper (Tesca Works Excel Spreadsheet.xls). The paper should be organized with subheadings as follows:

1. Abstract: 1 paragraph. Provide an overview of your paper.
2. Question # 1 – How much importance should be given to the energy cost situation?
3. Question # 2 – What is the project’s cost of equity? What is the appropriate discount factor to use for evaluating the refrigerator project?
4. Question # 3 – Which of the two compressors should be used in the refrigerator if you decide to go ahead with the project and why?
5. Question # 4 Forecast the project’s cash flows for the next twenty years. What assumptions did you use?
6. Question # 5 Use the appropriate capital budgeting techniques to evaluate the project.
7. Question # 6 Use the average demand scenario to evaluate the sensitivity of the project?s NPV with respect to sale price of the refrigerator and the cost of the compressor.
8. Question # 7 Based on the scenario and sensitivity analysis you performed above, comment on the overall riskiness of the project.
9. Question # 8 – Would you recommend that Tesca Works accept or reject the project? What is the basis for your recommendation?


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