—*i’m studing master of health services management and write about this my subject (health informatics) and write 3000/4000 words and use 20 references just from book ,ebook,journal( the last five year references not old references)and from( Australia references) and no plagiarism ,check spelling and grammar and dont write about another subject and dont make a mistake and read clear all my details please .

Final Assignment (major essay)
You have recently been employed as the Director of Informatics for the Metro Hospital in Brisbane. The Metro Hospital is a 363 bed facility on the Northside of Brisbane. The services include general surgical, general medical, oncology, vascular, ear, nose and throat, palliative care, ophthalmology and maternity and children’s services. It has good links with the Division of General Practitioners in the local area.
Your mandate is to lead the hospital to achieve level 7 of the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model by 2025. As a Health Informatics Professional, you took the job for this reason as you have always wanted to work in a fully electronic environment. You are certainly driven to achieve it. Using the below points, outline how you intend on achieving this.
• Outline what you would do in your analysis and planning when you first start;
• Articulate your strategy and timeframes to reach ‘fully digital’ status;
• What technical factors would you need to consider when building your Electronic Health Record and why are these important? HINT: standards, terminologies?
• What systems would you use to support your strategy?
• What types of resources would you employ?
• How would you govern and manage the project?
• What risks do you see?
• How does your strategy align with that of Queensland and that of Australia?
• 3000 – 4000 words in length in total.
• Use a business report format with each topic presented as a section in your report. You need include only one reference list for the entire report.
• Proper and consistent academic referencing convention both within the text of the assignment and a compiled list of references at the end of the paper must be provided.
• Please note University rules on plagiarism – the responses must be based on the student’s own research and efforts

-**–please read this: this message from my lecturer: For this assignment piece, you are required to develop a report/business case that is being submitted to the hospital board that you work for. In this report, you are required to outline how you will get your organisation from where it is today (you can assume this, but outline your assumptions) to where it needs to be, outlining timeframes etc. There is a template for you to use and this template prompts you to answer various questions in each of the sections. For those who have not yet googled HIMSS level 7 here is a link
http://www.himssanalytics.org/stagesGraph.asp. You will need to research the HIMSS adoption level to better understand this. You can get this from the Health Information Management Systems Society website.
–don’t forget everything I want high score and the best paper please and take your time to read all details and write according to instruction please don’t make a mistake please this major essay.


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