While the society strives to achieve the best, there are many challenges that continue to hinder such pursuits. In the society, there are many vices that continue to be committed by people of different classes. Quite often, people hear of news about criminals, individuals who abuse drugs or other substances and others who take part in other social misfits. Whereas these vices are challenge, therapeutic reduction offers an answer to the motivation behind these vices. Although therapeutic reduction can be used to cover up the irresponsibility of people, it provides a solid reason as to why people take part in different vices such as crime or drug abuse as a result of poverty and hereditary factors respectively.

Therapeutic reduction is a powerful tool that links crime to other causal factors such as poverty. Many times, individuals are motivated by poverty to commit crimes in order to meet the needs and wants. Through the use of therapeutic reduction, it possible to see the connection between poverty and why people become parts of gangs.  With poverty, people are left with nothing to do to help themselves with as compared to those who are well off. In such a case, individuals are more motivated to be part of a gang that can give them an opportunity to get wealth or resources to make their lives better. This is can be done even the use of violence or extortion to get money and other resources. Therapeutic reduction is thus useful in associating gang involvement and poverty.

In addition, therapeutic reduction is useful in explaining why people take part in drugs abuse as a result of hereditary orientation rather by their own vocation. Whereas it may seem that people take part in drugs because they of irresponsibility, therapeutic reductions associate drug addiction to hereditary factors, which reinforce the tendency of individuals to take part in drug abuse. Though therapeutic reduction may seem to cover up for people irresponsibility, it serves as a tool that can explain why people take part in activities such as crime or drug abuse.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT!

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