A modern manager may be successful to the extent of his or her sensitivity to the uniqueness of modern workforce which comprise of people from different backgrounds. The modern workplace is characterized by men and women of different gender, ages, ethnicity, races, stature, language, social class, religion and culture. For teamwork and harmonious working relationships to be created and maintained, managers must be sensitive to the prevailing diversity and then train all workers to be aware and avoid all forms of prejudice, discrimination and even violence. (Mor Barak, p.6)

Any managerial decision and action should factor this diversity to avoid offenses that may lead to grievances or legal tussles. According to (Boland,2005) sexual harassment is an immense problem at the workplace and is a form of discrimination practiced mostly by men (the harassers) against women(the victims)experienced by many females and males. However men are also likely to report their experiences of the harassment.

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and sexual conduct that is directed towards a person because of gender. (Boland, p. xv). Kinds of sexual harassment include employment benefits are conditioned upon sexual favors. Another situation is a hostile work environment is which harasser is hostile, intimidating or offensive, or both situations may exist.(Boland, p. xvii).

A recent news story was about a female employee of a bank who sued her employer for failing to protect her from sexual harassment which made to resign her managerial job after over 15 years of employment. She alleged that her immediate male superior had insisted that she become his mistress, but when she refused, he became too critical of her and intimidating. She then resigned her job because all her grievances were ignored by the human resource director, who never acted despite numerous complaints including written ones.

Manager who are more aware would have addressed her grievances, by intervening through appropriate disciplinary actions. He would also have exercised power the right way, and would avoid gender stereotyping by acknowledging that harassment knows no job description. They would also remember Civil Rights Acts that require equal treatment and protection of persons under the law from all forms of discrimination.(Bardess, et al, p 149)

In conclusion all employees should understand that gender harassment has costs such:- lost careers, financial cost as courts awards and emotional anxiety. A zero-tolerance policy is therefore needed to protect all employees.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT!

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