Identify a need where technology can help (school, work, hobby, etc.).
Go shopping (online) – don’t buy anything, you’re just looking around!
Add hardware and software to the shopping cart that you feel will meet the need(s) you have identified.
Describe, in your own words, why you believe the hardware and software in your shopping cart will meet your need(s).
You should address why the processor, primary storage (RAM / Memory), secondary storage (e.g., hard drive, optical drive, flash memory, etc.) and video (or other output devices) will meet the need(s) identified.
Describe why you selected the apps/application/software, along with any other deciding factor (e.g., input devices, size, weight, etc.).
In summary, your paper is to have three sections:
Section 1: A paragraph stating your need(s).
Section 2: A copy of your shopping cart (don’t worry about formatting, I should be able to decipher it).
Section 3: In your words, state why you believe the hardware and software you have chosen in section (2) will meet the needs you identified in section (1). Be sure to include any additional factors you included as part of your decision (e.g., input devices, size, weight, etc.).

Websites that can help in this assignment:
Dell and Apple provide discounts to faculty, students and staff. Here is a link to ISU’s Purchasing Computer Pricing page.
You may choose “personal purchases” from either Apple or Dell or choose any other vendor/manufacturer (from this site or any other of your choosing).
The following are some links that should be helpful when choosing a processor, memory, hard drive, video, and optical drives (regardless of manufacturer). Most any manufacturer website should have a “help me choose” or similar link for each of the configurable items. You should be matching your choice on any configurable item to your needs. Be sure to look at the “recommendation” links on the following sites or on any “help me choose” link.
Hard Drive:
SSD Hard Drives (Crucial Technology):
SSD Hard Drives (Intel):
How much storage capacity do I need?
How many photos (from SanDisk)
How many videos (from SanDisk)

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