Cinderella Essay example:

Einstein says, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” The concept of fairy tales is been adopted from western civilization but it spread rapidly in other cultures. Might be parents got a new way to amuse or to put off their children from their persistence. In our childhood, the fairy tale we were always willing to listen was Cinderella. We never thought that what is about this tale of Cinderella that is too appealing that there are lots of versions in nearly every culture and that we beg our parents or elders to tell or read this for us again and again but now I think that it was her triumph over her evil step mother and sisters and the amusement that she is going to marry the prince which was the factor we always bothered our parents. Although her story differs from culture to culture, country to country and time to time but its theme remains the same, which is evil of her step mother and sisters and her survival from their cruelty. Her story has been passed from generation to generation for centuries. It has introduced us many ideas about life, relationships, and honesty. It also shows romantic relationships and gives attraction to young people like us to believe such myths.

Although it is sad story from some perspectives because it shows the evil of her step mother and sisters but it has a happy ending and that was the reason we always love to listen and read this. It even implies in the current world too, the tyranny of step relatives. It is not just in US culture, it can be seen everywhere. Like she was very beautiful and her step mother and sister never liked here because she was prettier than them and they were ugly, which resulted in the oppression against her. The always treated her like their servant because her real father always listens her mother because she pretends to be very polite and nice to her in front of him. Moreover when the prince wants to marry someone from his raaya, her mother and sister they doesn’t want her to go because they knew that she is pretty and her mother wishes that if prince could marry one of her “ugly” daughter. And at the time of the party they locked her in a dark room so she couldn’t go for party. Cinderella is waiting in the room for someone to set her free and three dwarfs come and they open the door for her and she makes her way to the palace. But she has to cover her face with a scarf so her step mom and sisters couldn’t see her. But the prince sees her and fall in love for her in first sight. And he gives a very beautiful pair of shoes to her to wear. She wears them but she has to make her way back before her step mother and sisters come back home. So she leaves the palace in hurry and leaves one shoe in the palace. After that prince searches for the girl whom he saw in the party and he searches from house to house for her and he let every girl in the city to try that shoe if it can fit to any of them, but it never fit to them. Then he and his servants go to the Cinderella home and her step mother tries that if it can fit to any of her daughter but it never because their feet are too big for it. Then he listens Cinderella’s voice from somewhere and he asks to call her and her step mom says that she is our servant, she can’t be the one whom your are looking for but he asks to call her and then he asks her to try that shoe and it fits to her. The prince takes her to her palace and announces that she found the girl whom he is going to be married and leaves Cinderella’s step mother and sisters in their house.

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