Project instructions:
Prepare a 5 minute class presentation on the progress and direction(s) of your futures in Adult Learning and development (AL&D) investigations.

The presentation can take any form you choose. It can be any one or more of the following:
predictive (as distinct from predictable!);
interactive; or
just plain intuitive

Please feel free to employ any delivery strategies and to incorporate any resources and materials (visual, aural or otherwise) that you feel may enhance the group?s

involvement, awareness and understanding.
The most common approach involves individual students giving stand-and-deliver presentations on their research-in-progress, supported by brief speaking notes and 5-6

Powerpoint slides.

As your presentation will be strictly limited to 5 minutes (with 2-3 minutes for audience comments and questions), it is important that your presentation support

materials are clear, concise and uncluttered by excessive detail.
The aim is not to provide a comprehensive discussion of your topic, which is the purpose of the second assignment, but rather to demonstrate that you are able to

provide a succinct overview and summary of key aspects of your research-in-progress, as reflected in the ?Assessment criteria? below.
You are required to submit two parts for assessment:
? your presentation support materials (e.g. Powerpoint); and
? a written summary of your presentation (2 pages maximum), using subheadings and bullet-points, that outlines:
? your name and topic/title of the presentation
? purpose, rationale and approach
? core concepts, emerging main themes and key issues
? 3-4 main insights/messages from your research-in-progress
? prospective direction(s) of your project
? references/sources of information

*Please write the speaking notes in the notes of the powerpoint.

*I will attach on overview/introduction to the subject

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