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Student Instructions
In particular, you will be asked to watch a recorded interview that takes place between an academic member of staff and a Director of Nursing from a public healthcare organisation. The purpose of the video is to provide you with exposure to a nurse leader to gain a better understanding of the insights, qualities and characteristics of a leader. You will also be asked to reflect on the unit content weekly and submit these reflections to your HNN320 ePortfolio. It is expected that you will draw upon these reflections in your assessment.
To assist you to frame the discussion, you should reflect on the nurse leader’s comments in the video and incorporate aspects of the video discussion in your assignment to critically analyse the assignment question. Unit readings, professional documents and academic journal articles should also be used. You should consider the different leadership characteristics and styles that contribute to effective leadership. The assessment task should conclude with a reflection on how you regard leadership in nursing and the impact leadership has on your transition toward the role of a registered nurse.

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