College Homework Assistance on Assessment Task 1 – 2nd Reflective Journal – Social Responsibility

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Over the last four weeks of this course, students are required to reflect on the themes, issues, challenges and approaches presented in ONE of the course lectures (and the corresponding tutorial) under the third topic ‘Business and Social Responsibility’, through their writings in a reflective journal.

In this assessment task, students are required to demonstrate not only their understandings of the concepts and issues raised and the content presented, but also their considerations of the implications of these issues at multiple levels (e.g. personal, local, international etc.).

For information on style of writing required, please refer to the guides provided on the course Moodle page.

The Assignment will be marked out of 100 and is worth 10% of your total mark for the BUGEN 1530 course.
Word Limit
(assignments exceeding the word limit may not be marked and may be returned to the student for re-writing; assignments less than the required length will risk not covering the topic adequately and may result in a fail). Do not include synopsis, references or bibliography in the word count


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