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NOTE: Please take this assignment seriously. Even if you do not agree with the positions this person should adopt in order to win, you need to present them in a way that will enable Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller to win her election. Your job is to show me that you can develop a winning campaign for this candidate in this state.

Congratulations! You have just been hired to organize and manage the 2016 Gubernatorial Campaign for Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller. She is the granddaughter of former governor Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson (Governor in a fictional Texas from 1954-1958) and a conservative Republican. She was born and raised in west Texas on a ranch. Divorced, with two grown children, she started her own software company in Dallas in1993- she sold it to Dell in 2010 for $2.5 million. Based on what you know about the history, geography, economy and political culture of Texas, advise “Bitzi” Johnson Miller on how she should run her campaign. Based on the lectures, course readings and an analysis of the distribution of presidential and gubernatorial votes in 2010 ( develop a campaign plan to help “Bitzi” win the 2014 gubernatorial election in Texas. The paper should make it clear that you understand what kind of candidate can win in Texas, where they are likely to get votes; what types of people are likely to vote for your candidate, what issues are important and how those issues will appeal to voters and why a candidate is likely to win or lose in The Lone Star State!

< Yo!Your Paper should include the Following:

Title Page (title of paper, date, class and your name)

Picture of your candidate (download a picture of what you think “Bitzi” Johnson Miller would look like)

Body of the paper (5 pages) must include (with subtitles for each of the sections listed below):

Section 1: Introduction

Describe candidate – family, experience, education, and other characteristics that will help “Bitzi” win. To get full credit, add additional qualities to the description in the assignment (maybe race, description of professional experience, additional family members, etc.). This is where you sell your candidate- make me want to vote for her! Points will be deducted if you do not offer a thorough (at least two paragraphs) and compelling description of the candidate that would make people in Texas want to vote for her.

Section 2: Cultural and Regional Support

Her likely strength among the different historic political cultures: (traditionalistic, individualistic, and moralistic) and specific geographic regions of Texas. In which regions will she do well? In which geographic regions will she do poorly? Thoroughly explain your answer. For example, will she do better in the Metroplex or West Texas? How about East Texas or Permian Basin? Tell me at least three regions in which she will do well and explain why. Points will be deducted if you do not describe the three political cultures and explain why people from at least one would vote for “Bitzi.” Likewise, points will be deducted if you do not identify at least three geographic regions that will support her candidacy and explain why.

Section 3: Demographic Support

Describing key groups (ideological, racial, gender and economic) likely to vote for her and why. Will she get more liberal or conservative votes? Will she get more votes from Hispanics, African Americans or whites? Will women voter for her? Will she gain votes from specific economic groups (lower income, middle class or higher income)? Explain why the groups you note will vote for her and how the campaign will reach out to each one. Points will be deducted if you do not identify the demographic groups that will support her and explain why they will support her.

Section 4: Campaign Themes

Present three issues (for example: education reform; economic development; the economy; cutting taxes; cutting spending; more or less government regulation) that will be the central focus of your campaign and why you selected those issues and not others. Explain her position on each of the three issues and how they might help her appeal demographic groups noted above. Points will be deducted if you do not discuss (not just list) at least three issues and explain how those positions will help her appeal to voters.

Section 5: Win or Lose

E Evaluation of “Bitzi’s” chances of winning based on the rest of the paper and at least three articles discussing the 2010 Texas Governor’s race. In other words, look at three articles on the 201 0 race and evaluate where and why Rick Perry (Republican) won and Bill White (Democrat) lost. Use and reference these articles as well as the campaign you describe above (regional support, demographic support and campaign themes and issues) to explain why “Bitzi” will win or lose. Points will be deducted if you do not use and cite information in the articles to explain why your candidate is likely to win or lose the campaign.

Ref References: Please find and read three articles on the election between Rick Perry and Bill White (Governor, 2010). These articles should be from news sources (newspapers, news magazines, political reports), not blogs or partisan/ ideological websites.


NOT Please take this assignment seriously. Even if you do not agree with the positions this persons should adopt in order to win, you need to present them in a way that will enable Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller to win her election. Your job is to show me that you can develop a winning campaign for this candidate in this state.

FAQ’s About the Application and Research Paper

How many pages does my paper need to be?

Paper should be a minimum of 7 pages – including the title and picture page (minimum of 5 pages of text).

What are the formatting requirements?
Your paper is to be 12 point font and doubled spaced.
Use either MLA or APA style

You are to have a reference page that includes the website of Texas maps and the three articles on the 2010 race. Points will be deducted if the website of Texas maps is not listed as a reference.

What format should I use to submit my paper?
You are to submit your paper as a Word document (.doc or .docx).

How do I submit my paper?
The application paper is to be submitted via Blackboard. Do not email your paper unless prior arrangements have been made with Dr. Little.

Click on the Application Tab

On the top left you will see Research and Application Paper – this is the link to submit. Click on this link

Scroll down to #2 and you will see the option to Attach File then click on the appropriate option.

Once you have attached your file you will click on the Submit button on the bottom right of the page.

References: List your references (including website of Texas maps and the three articles on 2010 race) using the APA or MLA styles.

Before submitting your paper, make sure you have done everything noted below to get full credit for each section!

Grading Rubric







Weight 5%


No introduction of candidate


Introduction of three sentences or less.


Introduction of one paragraph or less.


Introduction thoroughly describes the candidate, including family, experience, education and other characteristics important to “Bitzi” winning the campaign.

Cultural and Regional Support

Weight 20%


Does not address regional or cultural patterns of support.


Discusses either political culture or regions, but not both.


References which political cultures and/or regions will support and oppose the candidate, but does not thoroughly address or explain both.


Fully discusses which political cultures/regions will support or oppose the candidate. Discuss each political culture and note at least three regions where she will do well. Is at least 3/4 pages long.

Demographic Support

Weight 20% (30)


No discussion of demographic support.


Identification of less than three the demographic groups that will support the candidate.


References at least three key demographic groups likely to support the candidate, but does not reference offer strong explanation for each group.


Makes clear which ideological, ethnic, gender and economic groups are likely to support the candidate and why.

Campaign Themes

Weight 20%


Does not indicate any campaign themes.


Notes one or two campaign themes or issues that will be central to the candidate’s campaign.


Notes three themes, but they either are not appropriate for the candidate or the author does not fully explain how those issues will be used to target the groups who are voting for the candidate.


Author discusses at least three important campaign themes/ issues and thoroughly explains why those issue reflect the candidate and which groups of voters are likely to respond to them.

Win or Lose

Weight 15%


No discussion of why the candidate will win or lose.


Limited effort (one paragraph of less) to explain why the candidate will win or lose.


Makes an effort to explain why candidate is likely to win or lose, but either does not include three articles or does not effectively explain why candidate is likely to win or lose.


Makes an effective case for why the candidate will win or lose referring to three appropriate articles on the 2010 election.

Technical Issues

Weight 10%


Paper three pages or less.


Paper is four or less pages, bad grammar and subtitles are not used.


Paper is four pages or less, no subtitles are used or bad grammar


Text of paper is more than four pages, subtitles and good grammar are used.


Weight 10%



No references.


One or two references.


Three references, including reference to Texas maps website.

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