College Homework Help on Traffic junction alarm system

 Traffic junction alarm system

 1.0 Preamble and Project Description

Signal lights at traffic signal junctions are installed for traffic and pedestrians to cross the junctions safely.  In spite of the signals working accurately, accidents at a traffic signal junction are common and in most cases fatal. The most common reasons for such accidents are fatigue and/or carelessness. If the drivers and pedestrians can be alerted by a loud sound when one or both of them make a wrong move, serious accidents can be avoided and lots of unfortunate deaths at traffic light junctions can be avoided.

You, as an innovative graduate engineer, are required to work in a team comprising of two other graduate engineers and develop a digital system to activate such a warning sound for drivers and pedestrians.


1.1 Expected Tasks

You are expected to:


  1. Investigate and understand conditions that may result in activating an alarm.
  2. Design the circuit with minimal number of gates.
  3. Draw a circuit diagram (preferably using computer software) that will assist in building the circuit.
  4. Develop a test strategy to demonstrate the operation of your circuit to the supervisor.
  5. Produce a team written technical report as described below (Section 2.0).
  6. Reflect on process from start to finish in regards to the alarm circuit, in an individual written exercise.


2.0 Deliverables


On completion of this problem, you and your team will have produced the following deliverables:


  1. Team Report on the analyses, design and construction of the alarm circuit. This has to include a detailed description of the design of the system, the results and conclusions drawn. Individuals must indicate which sections they were responsible in the team report. Students must mark initials in the contents page next to their section(s) and indicate the overall editor(s). Report to be submitted to your facilitator (in room D702d or in his locker in level 5 in building D) by 5 pm on Friday of week 7.


Your report must be word processed in standard report format (Handbook pp.20-31). Paraphrase, i.e. use your own words. Do not copy or cut and paste information from sources (Handbook p.16-19). This is plagiarism (Handbook   p.48, p.82). Provide in-text references for every source of information (Handbook pp.82-88). Provide a Reference List for every source of information (Handbook p. 88-94).


  1. Individual Weekly Reflective Journal to be maintained by each member and produce to the supervisor on demand. The entry in the diary should include your experience/learning that occurred, in all the units of your course, during the previous week/s and response describing the process which you undertook from start of this project to end.



Criteria   Marks
Structure   1
Presentaion   1
Summary/Introduction/Conclusion   1
Language   2
Content/Body   3.5
Referencing   1.5



3.0 Timeline

Research and problem formulation and completion of design – Beginning of workshop 2 in second week

Brainstorming and analysis – end of activity workshop in week 4

Design and verify circuit – end of activity workshop in week 5

Build and test circuit – end of activity workshop in week 6

Test – During lecture hour in week 6

Report – Friday 5 pm in week 7





4.0 Desired Learning Outcomes


  1. Apply fundamental knowledge of mathematics and science to solving engineering problems;
    2. Apply systematic approaches to solving engineering problems;
    3. Undertake data analysis and manipulation using various computing tools, including spreadsheet software and fundamental programming techniques;
    4. Identify and respond to broad sustainability issues in finding solutions to engineering problems;
    5. Work individually and collaboratively, as both a team member and leader, to complete tasks and evaluate own and others’ performance;
    6. Demonstrate safe laboratory practices and an ability to identify potential safety hazards.
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